Changelog 2.48 Build 3

Changelog 2.48 Build 

  • Fixed project upgrade issue (prevents loss of some geobodies).
  • Batch export of polylines - export to individual files as well as to single file.
  • VR menu system introduced (visible but not yet functional).
  • Minor fixes to background processing.

Changelog 2.48 Build 2

  • corrected time stamps on backup files.
  • Added a fix to recover lost/incorrectly indexed items in the intepretation tree.
  • flight path menu re-instated.

Changelog 2.48 Build 1

  • Corrected an error when trying to split long polylines. 

Changelog 2.48 Build 0

  • Facies list now saved in the database
  • Geopolygons save attached facies 
  • Now able to select which components to export for most formats.
  • Fixed an error when changing number of projected textures.
  • Delete implemented for empty group items.
  • Shapefile export for single polylines implemented.
  • Colour added to shapefile export.
  • Group selected items option added to interpretation ribbon bar.

Changelog 2.47 Build 1

Changelog 2.47 Build 1

  • Corrected and issue with exporting geobodies.
  • Fixed problem with splitting faults.
  • Updated multi-vertical measurement to being multi-3d measurement.
  • Fixed incorrectly plotting poles on Stereonet.
  • Stereonet has new images for ribbon bar items.
  • Error estimates added for structural measurements.
  • conversion between polyline/faults/orientations now available through convert in item menus.
  • New orientation now shown as visible in the interpretation tree.

Know issues : 

Triangle attributes (as opposed to vertex attributes) are currently not displayed. Will be addressed in the next update,


Changelog 2.46 Build 5

Changelog 2.46 Build 5

  • Improved adaptive mesh decimation process.
  • re-display of textured meshes is now faster.
  • New "multiple measurement" tool available.
  • Graph network segmentation tools now included.
  • Several other bug fixes. 

Changelog 2.47 Build 0

Changelog 2.47 Build 0

  • Waypoints and Multimedia Objects are now groupable.
  • Waypoints and Multimedia Objects and now saved in the database rather than the .vgp file.
  • Waypoint colours are now saved.
  • Export for polylines and faults improved for csv, xml, json and prn.
  • Transfer of polylines between projects can now be achieved via the xml import/export
  • Database schema changed to allow multiple projects to be stored in the same database.
  • Flight paths now show the control points in the tree correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with overestimating the number of projective textures.

Changelog 2.46 Build 2

Changelog 2.46 Build 2:

  • Orthopanels moved out of the VGP file to make projects smaller.
  • Improvements in the LAS importer for point cloud/lidar data.
  • Fixed the point cloud splitting option.
  • Picking for point clouds corrected to prevent picking from behind the viewpoint.
  • Polyline orientations added to the database (not saving correctly but could be regenerated).
  • Orientations added to dbf files as part of shape file export.
  • Fixed issue where cameras obscuring the view while playing a flight path.
  • Skybox visualisation fixed.
  • Minor updates to the database view.