Changelog 2.44 Build 3

Released 19/03/2019

  1. Fixed check boxes not showing for scale bars in the data tab.
  2. Opacity for geobodies now available through the Geobody group properties.
  3. Improved geobody illumination.
  4. Improvements made to vertex/node editing.
  5. Export orthopanel as bitmap added.
  6. Orthopanels can now be moved around more interactively (with middle mouse button while panel is active).

Changelog V2.41 to 2.44

Version 2.44 released 11/03/2019

  1. Interactive orthopanels implemented.
  2. Orthopanel attributes added.
  3. Orthopanel image processing started (Canny edge detector)
  4. Improvements to mesh refinement.
  5. faster navigation.
  6. Improved facies painting speed.
  7. fixed bug in expert navigation mode.
  8. projective textures implemented for log images.


Version 2.41 released 24/01/2019


Changelog V2.32 - V2.37

Changelog for Version 2.32 to 2.36

1. Update for the crash reporting. Now a minidump file is created on the desktop. 

2. (V2.32) Sedimentary log editor is now in place.

  • (V2.36) Improved anti-aliasing of bitmap fills.

3. 2D windows use latest version of Direct2D for faster rendering.

4. Translation of meshes now possible for simple fault restoration.

5. Improved memory handling for point cloud declustering.

6. Viewer for projective images now works again.

7. Can import and view individual images used to construct from SFM data.

8. Improved handling of asynchronous (background) tasks. 

9. Import of OBJ files fixed (texture maps not mapping correctly)

10. Introduction of "Point to Plane" algorithm for the ICP registration.

11. Drag and drop into 3D view now also works for ArcInfo .asc files.

12. Improved import of .shp files.



Changelog V2.39

Changes and updates in 2.39 (released 11/07/2018).

No change to the internal data structure in this release. Version number remains at 2.39

This release has undergone a major refactoring (changing code structure without changing functionality) in order to facilitate certain future developments.

Current changes/developments in this release include:

  • Support for very large co-ordinates (global scale).
  • Improved handling of mesh data internally (reduce footprint, better performance).
  • Export routines improved (xml, json, csv).
  • Basic Shapefile export for polylines supported.
  • Log display has a bed thickness track.
  • Fixed bug loading older projects into the viewer.
  • Improvement to definition and saving of display properties
  • Fault group properties extended to make display more flexible.
  • Faults now have a displacement direction indicator.
  • Better support for geotiff elevation data (import as point cloud or mesh).
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Change Log V2.31

New features:

  1. New ICP component for aligning meshes and point clouds.

Updates and bug fixes:

  1. Project level options now save along with the project (display options etc..)
  2. Log tracks and boundary interpretations now save.
  3. Editing geobody vertices has been simplified (now same as for polylines)
  4. Polyline interpretations now have a 3D representation (cylinders) in the 3D view.
  5. Improved handling of texture maps (tested up to 32 8192x8192 textures in a GTX1080).
  6. Can now blend texture maps with attribute colours, as well as contour attributes.
  7. Import of ortho-images fixed, and can now attached ortho-images to mesh data. 
  8. Geobodies now calculate thickness information. Average, Maximum and Standard Deviation.
  9. Improvements to PLY and OBJ importers.
  10. Corrected bug in .asc import option for point clouds.
  11. Fixed timers showing elapsed processing time in background processes for mesh and point clouds.
  12. Corrected display of bounding boxes in point clouds and meshes where sometimes they do not display when they should.
  13. Menus now active while using the game controller for navigation.
  14. Improved performance of rendering while using VR.
  15. Option for switching on all labels/billboards for all geo-objects included (as opposed to just when hovering over the object with the mouse).