Change Log V2.31

New features:

  1. New ICP component for aligning meshes and point clouds.

Updates and bug fixes:

  1. Project level options now save along with the project (display options etc..)
  2. Log tracks and boundary interpretations now save.
  3. Editing geobody vertices has been simplified (now same as for polylines)
  4. Polyline interpretations now have a 3D representation (cylinders) in the 3D view.
  5. Improved handling of texture maps (tested up to 32 8192x8192 textures in a GTX1080).
  6. Can now blend texture maps with attribute colours, as well as contour attributes.
  7. Import of ortho-images fixed, and can now attached ortho-images to mesh data. 
  8. Geobodies now calculate thickness information. Average, Maximum and Standard Deviation.
  9. Improvements to PLY and OBJ importers.
  10. Corrected bug in .asc import option for point clouds.
  11. Fixed timers showing elapsed processing time in background processes for mesh and point clouds.
  12. Corrected display of bounding boxes in point clouds and meshes where sometimes they do not display when they should.
  13. Menus now active while using the game controller for navigation.
  14. Improved performance of rendering while using VR.
  15. Option for switching on all labels/billboards for all geo-objects included (as opposed to just when hovering over the object with the mouse).