Changelog V2.39

Changes and updates in 2.39 (released 11/07/2018).

No change to the internal data structure in this release. Version number remains at 2.39

This release has undergone a major refactoring (changing code structure without changing functionality) in order to facilitate certain future developments.

Current changes/developments in this release include:

  • Support for very large co-ordinates (global scale).
  • Improved handling of mesh data internally (reduce footprint, better performance).
  • Export routines improved (xml, json, csv).
  • Basic Shapefile export for polylines supported.
  • Log display has a bed thickness track.
  • Fixed bug loading older projects into the viewer.
  • Improvement to definition and saving of display properties
  • Fault group properties extended to make display more flexible.
  • Faults now have a displacement direction indicator.
  • Better support for geotiff elevation data (import as point cloud or mesh).
  • Other minor bug fixes.