Changelog 2.48 Build 4

Changelog 2.48 Build 4

  • Improved re-load speed for textured meshes (though initial load may now be slower).
  • OBJ importer for point clouds added.
  • Bug fixes for tree structure.
  • Stereonet now plots correct way up.
  • Fix to PTS/PTX importers
  • Line styles for polylines added.

Changelog 2.48 Build 3

  • Fixed project upgrade issue (prevents loss of some geobodies).
  • Batch export of polylines - export to individual files as well as to single file.
  • VR menu system introduced (visible but not yet functional).
  • Minor fixes to background processing.

Changelog 2.48 Build 2

  • corrected time stamps on backup files.
  • Added a fix to recover lost/incorrectly indexed items in the intepretation tree.
  • flight path menu re-instated.

Changelog 2.48 Build 1

  • Corrected an error when trying to split long polylines. 

Changelog 2.48 Build 0

  • Facies list now saved in the database
  • Geopolygons save attached facies 
  • Now able to select which components to export for most formats.
  • Fixed an error when changing number of projected textures.
  • Delete implemented for empty group items.
  • Shapefile export for single polylines implemented.
  • Colour added to shapefile export.
  • Group selected items option added to interpretation ribbon bar.