Changelog 2.52 Build 13 (05/04/2020)


Changelog 2.52 Build 13 (05/04/2020)

  • NEW FEATURE : Zone mapping. Found in the interpretation tree. Create a new zone + in properties define the top and base stratigraphy. Display the polylines which define the top and base of the zone. Right click on the zone and select regenerate.
  • Fixed bug in loading the images for projected textures.

Changelog 2.52 Build 12 (18/03/2020)

  • Added colour maps to tile models from imported DEM data.
  • Unified elevation extents across multiple DEM tiles (through group option).
  • Fixed issue with tiles dropping out on very large datasets.
  • Change to way OpenGL context selected.

Changelog 2.52 Build 11 (11/03/2020)

  • Improved the texturing for the tiled DEM importer.

Changelog 2.52 Build 10 (09/03/2020)

  • Corrected problem with tiled models no displaying correctly.

Changelog 2.52 Build 8 (01/03/2020)

  • Improved speed of P21 map generation.
  • Process timer now gives estimate of completion time.
  • Overhaul of the georeferencing system for meshes.

Changelog 2.52 Build 7 (26/02/2020)

  • Rendering speed of meshes improved (both for VR and desktop views)
  • Improvements to the tiled DEM import.

Changelog 2.52 Build 6

  • Minor fix to improve rendering speed of meshes.

Changelog 2.52 Build 5

  • Faster and smoother transitions between tiles.
  • Fixed bug with tiled model disappearing while moving.
  • Geotiff elevation data can now be imported as tiles.
  • VR Menu now fully active.
  • Interpretation of polyline, orientations & measurement implemented in VR.
  • Addition of scale bars and waypoints supported in VR.
  • Cross sections can now have images attached.
  • Transition to and from VR now more stable.

Changelog 2.52 Build 4

  • Improved reset view for tiled models.
  • Fixed instability in image compression.

Changelog 2.52 Build 3

  • Corrected error on reloading tiled models.
  • Corrected error on importing geotiff DEM's.
  • Modified the export option for Orientation data (for export to Stereonet)
  • Added option to show scale bars in feet.
  • Georeferenceing tools added for tiled models.
  • Tiled models now change levels correctly in VR.
  • VR Menu now selected by touching menu options.
  • Improved extraction of orientation measurements from the database console.

Changelog 2.52 Build 0

  • *NEW* Annotation layers. Free-form sketching on the model.
  • Improved method for adding and editing projective textures.
  • Improved display for the tiled models (better transitions between detail levels).
  • Orthopanel bug fixed.

Changelog 2.50 Build 2

  • Further refinement of the tile model LOD algorithm.
  • Added new interpretation feature - text label annotations.

Changelog 2.50 Build 1

  • Improvements to performance of tiles, and fixed an issue with loading textures.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some meshes from being interpreted.
  • Fixed bug causing attributes not to display correctly in some cases.
  • Introduced text labels for orientations and scale bars. Other labels to follow.
  • Y and B buttons on the XBox Controller now double/half maximum speeds.

Changelog 2.50 Build 0

  • Now supports tiled models : currently only imports photomesh xml tiles. 
  • fixed bug where game controller loses focus.
  • single colour mode for meshes introduced.
  • can now change displayed attribute for all meshes in one go.
  • faster rendering of videos.
  • fixed bug when trying to import OBJ files with spaces in the texture names.
  • multiple other minor fixes and updates.

Changelog 2.49 Build 3

  • Fixed game controller bug.
  • Added now full screen mode when using game controller.
  • Corrected plotting of fault poles on the stereonet.
  • Export for bed thickness measurements added.
  • Improved illumination of polylines 

Changelog 2.49 Build 2

  • now imports COLLADA format models.
  • Export to KML implemented for polylines, geopolygons and waypoints.
  • Shapefile export for measurements added

Changelog 2.49 Build 1

  • improvements to coordinate system management
  • improved workflow for merging meshes
  • fixed bug with flightpaths not working in expert navigation mode.

Changelog 2.49 Build 0

  • Fix to expert mode navigation
  • Corrected and upgrade path for geobody facies from early versions.
  • Can now define a CRS for the project. Shapefiles now also export a PRJ file.
  • basic coordinate transforms now possible
  • Fixed issue where geopolyon export misses some information.