Changelog 2.49 Build 3 (14/10/19)

Changelog 2.49 Build 3

  • Fixed game controller bug.
  • Added now full screen mode when using game controller.
  • Corrected plotting of fault poles on the stereonet.
  • Export for bed thickness measurements added.
  • Improved illumination of polylines 

Changelog 2.49 Build 2

  • now imports COLLADA format models.
  • Export to KML implemented for polylines, geopolygons and waypoints.
  • Shapefile export for measurements added

Changelog 2.49 Build 1

  • improvements to coordinate system management
  • improved workflow for merging meshes
  • fixed bug with flightpaths not working in expert navigation mode.

Changelog 2.49 Build 0

  • Fix to expert mode navigation
  • Corrected and upgrade path for geobody facies from early versions.
  • Can now define a CRS for the project. Shapefiles now also export a PRJ file.
  • basic coordinate transforms now possible
  • Fixed issue where geopolyon export misses some information.