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Monday, 08 June 2020 08:15

VRGS 2.53 Build 1 (23/06/2020)

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Changelog 2.53 Build 31 (25/06/2020)

  • Show lat,long in the window frame, along with X,Y,Z, if the CRS is defined at a project level.
  • Waypoints also show lat,long when CRS is defined.
  • Waypoint & multimedia display culling is now dependant on screen-space size.
  • Waypoint glyphs can now be changed and saved.
  • Orthopanels: A check is now included to make sure they are not too big for the hardware to handle. 
  • Disk Space: a warning is now give if the disk space, on which the project is saved, is getting low.
  • Fixed a problem when merging polylines creates a new group.
  • Added create convex hull option for both point clouds and meshes.
  • Tiff importer can now handle larger images.
  • Billboard can now be selected in the 3D view
  • Corrected a problem where translation stops working in the 3D view requiring a View From above.
  • Improved the JSON export/import for polylines.
  • fixed the PTX loader
  • When importing file type selected from file extension where possible.


Changelog 2.52 Build 30 (09/06/2020)

  • Fixed issue of some texture maps not displaying correctly.
  • Waypoints can have different glyphs.
  • Can now switch on labels at a group level as well as globally.
  • reduced complexity of the 3D polylines to assist with visualisation of large numbers of polylines.

Changelog 2.52 Build 30 (08/06/2020)

  • Improved speed of polyline display with large polyline datasets. 
  • Waypoint groups can now be renamed
  • Multimedia Object Groups "ungroup" option added.
  • Fixed an issue where billboards disappear from the 3D view.
  • Added a frustum clipping option for tiled models to reduce "busy" time (available in tile model group options).
  • Increased the precision of numbers for the log export, and facies name added to export.
  • Waypoints can be scaled by distance from the viewpoint. Check "maintain size" in the group options. Size is in screen pixels in this mode.
  • Update to license manager
  • Fixed problem with saving zones

Changelog 2.52 Build 26 (29/05/2020)

  • Mesh Export implemented for OBJ and several other formats
  • Several minor bug fixes

Changelog 2.52 Build 25 (26/05/2020)

  • Improved algorithm for zone mapping.

Changelog 2.52 Build 23 (20/05/2020)

  • Fix to the OBJ importer
  • Startup web-page removed. To be reinstated in a later release with better functionality.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to interprets of polylines with planes showing. 

Changelog 2.52 Build 22 (13/05/2020)

  • Improved tile model loader

Changelog 2.52 Build 21 (04/05/2020)

  • Improvement to the tiled model display to even out the load on disk reads.
  • Added option to edit group names in the groups properties.
  • Improved global labelling.
  • Added new "well" object, and added option to place a subsurface log.

Changelog 2.52 Build 20 (27/04/2020)

  • Collision detection (standard navigation mode only) and backface culling added. Collision detection prevents you for passing through an outcrop, and the backface culling is useful when working in valleys so the valley side you are behind is hidden.
  • updated the projection database for coordinate transforms.
  • Added ability to add hyperlinks into the models (for linking to a blackboard/VLE test for example).
  • Polyline groups and sub-groups can have different attributes is required.
  • Orientation objects now maintain connectivity information.
  • Several other bug-fixes.

Changelog 2.52 Build 17 (16/04/2020)

  • Fixed error in exporting mesh points as ascii.
  • Fixed error in sizing cross sections.
  • Added a fix for users still using Windows 7.
  • Fixed bug when trying to import large tiff files.

Changelog 2.52 Build 13 (05/04/2020)

  • NEW FEATURE : Zone mapping. Found in the interpretation tree. Create a new zone + in properties define the top and base stratigraphy. Display the polylines which define the top and base of the zone. Right click on the zone and select regenerate.
  • Fixed bug in loading the images for projected textures.

Changelog 2.52 Build 12 (18/03/2020)

  • Added colour maps to tile models from imported DEM data.
  • Unified elevation extents across multiple DEM tiles (through group option).
  • Fixed issue with tiles dropping out on very large datasets.
  • Change to way OpenGL context selected.

Changelog 2.52 Build 11 (11/03/2020)

  • Improved the texturing for the tiled DEM importer.

Changelog 2.52 Build 10 (09/03/2020)

  • Corrected problem with tiled models no displaying correctly.

Changelog 2.52 Build 8 (01/03/2020)

  • Improved speed of P21 map generation.
  • Process timer now gives estimate of completion time.
  • Overhaul of the georeferencing system for meshes.

Changelog 2.52 Build 7 (26/02/2020)

  • Rendering speed of meshes improved (both for VR and desktop views)
  • Improvements to the tiled DEM import.

Changelog 2.52 Build 6

  • Minor fix to improve rendering speed of meshes.

Changelog 2.52 Build 5

  • Faster and smoother transitions between tiles.
  • Fixed bug with tiled model disappearing while moving.
  • Geotiff elevation data can now be imported as tiles.
  • VR Menu now fully active.
  • Interpretation of polyline, orientations & measurement implemented in VR.
  • Addition of scale bars and waypoints supported in VR.
  • Cross sections can now have images attached.
  • Transition to and from VR now more stable.

Changelog 2.52 Build 4

  • Improved reset view for tiled models.
  • Fixed instability in image compression.

Changelog 2.52 Build 3

  • Corrected error on reloading tiled models.
  • Corrected error on importing geotiff DEM's.
  • Modified the export option for Orientation data (for export to Stereonet)
  • Added option to show scale bars in feet.
  • Georeferenceing tools added for tiled models.
  • Tiled models now change levels correctly in VR.
  • VR Menu now selected by touching menu options.
  • Improved extraction of orientation measurements from the database console.

Changelog 2.52 Build 0

  • *NEW* Annotation layers. Free-form sketching on the model.
  • Improved method for adding and editing projective textures.
  • Improved display for the tiled models (better transitions between detail levels).
  • Orthopanel bug fixed.

Changelog 2.50 Build 2

  • Further refinement of the tile model LOD algorithm.
  • Added new interpretation feature - text label annotations.

Changelog 2.50 Build 1

  • Improvements to performance of tiles, and fixed an issue with loading textures.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some meshes from being interpreted.
  • Fixed bug causing attributes not to display correctly in some cases.
  • Introduced text labels for orientations and scale bars. Other labels to follow.
  • Y and B buttons on the XBox Controller now double/half maximum speeds.

Changelog 2.50 Build 0

  • Now supports tiled models : currently only imports photomesh xml tiles. 
  • fixed bug where game controller loses focus.
  • single colour mode for meshes introduced.
  • can now change displayed attribute for all meshes in one go.
  • faster rendering of videos.
  • fixed bug when trying to import OBJ files with spaces in the texture names.
  • multiple other minor fixes and updates.

Changelog 2.49 Build 3

  • Fixed game controller bug.
  • Added now full screen mode when using game controller.
  • Corrected plotting of fault poles on the stereonet.
  • Export for bed thickness measurements added.
  • Improved illumination of polylines 

Changelog 2.49 Build 2

  • now imports COLLADA format models.
  • Export to KML implemented for polylines, geopolygons and waypoints.
  • Shapefile export for measurements added

Changelog 2.49 Build 1

  • improvements to coordinate system management
  • improved workflow for merging meshes
  • fixed bug with flightpaths not working in expert navigation mode.

Changelog 2.49 Build 0

  • Fix to expert mode navigation
  • Corrected and upgrade path for geobody facies from early versions.
  • Can now define a CRS for the project. Shapefiles now also export a PRJ file.
  • basic coordinate transforms now possible
  • Fixed issue where geopolyon export misses some information.