Changelog 2.46 Build 2:

  • Orthopanels moved out of the VGP file to make projects smaller.
  • Improvements in the LAS importer for point cloud/lidar data.
  • Fixed the point cloud splitting option.
  • Picking for point clouds corrected to prevent picking from behind the viewpoint.
  • Polyline orientations added to the database (not saving correctly but could be regenerated).
  • Orientations added to dbf files as part of shape file export.
  • Fixed issue where cameras obscuring the view while playing a flight path.
  • Skybox visualisation fixed.
  • Minor updates to the database view.


Changelog for 2.45 Build 1

New features:

  • New database console window. Can now interrogate the embedded SQL database directly from this window. Limited functionality at this time.

Bug fixes and corrections:

  • Improved scaling of colours when using the paint tool.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to open logs in the log editor.
  • Fixed bug in exporting shape files.
  • Corrected import of PLY files for point clouds (truncating large coordinates).
  • Improved stability of projected textures.
  • Ungroup removed for top level objects in the data and interpretation trees.
  • Fixed changing size of multimedia objects.
  • Stratigraphy and colour now saved for polylines.

For new features in 2.45 click here to see the YouTube video.

Released 19/03/2019

  1. Fixed check boxes not showing for scale bars in the data tab.
  2. Opacity for geobodies now available through the Geobody group properties.
  3. Improved geobody illumination.
  4. Improvements made to vertex/node editing.
  5. Export orthopanel as bitmap added.
  6. Orthopanels can now be moved around more interactively (with middle mouse button while panel is active).

Changelog 2.45 Build 0

Major overhaul of the tree structures (interpretation and data) to allow grouping and ungrouping and hierarchies.

Significant number of interpretations now moved to be completely stored in the embedded SQL database.

Interpretations can now share vertices (snapping of points). (Facilitates recording topology of fracture networks among other things).

"Save as you interpret" implemented. 

Significant improvement to crash reporting.

Geobodies re-named to geopolygon (to make way for new, more flexible,  geobody objects).

Palaeocurrents re-introduced.

3D vertex editor added.

Several improvements to VR performance.

Bug fixes in the OBJ loaded and point cloud importer.

Numerous other updates and fixes.

Version 2.44 released 11/03/2019

  1. Interactive orthopanels implemented.
  2. Orthopanel attributes added.
  3. Orthopanel image processing started (Canny edge detector)
  4. Improvements to mesh refinement.
  5. faster navigation.
  6. Improved facies painting speed.
  7. fixed bug in expert navigation mode.
  8. projective textures implemented for log images.


Version 2.41 released 24/01/2019