Using Oculus Rift

VRGS supports using an Oculus rift HMD (Head Mounted Device). So far it has been tested with the DK2 and the CV1.

To use VRGS with the HMD you will also need to have the XBox controller connected (see Using an XBox controller).  Without the controller you will not be able to move about in VR.

To enter VR you will, of course, need an appropriately VR ready computer. 

  1. Setup your HMD as per the Oculus instructions.
  2. Start VRGS, load you data set and prepare your view.
  3. DO NOT click connect HMD yet on VRGS.
  4. Start the Oculus software, and check your HMD to ensure you are in Oculus home.
  5. Now click the Connect HMD button on the VRGS Home Ribbon(see The Home Ribbon Bar)
  6. You should see a H&S warning in the HMD display. Read it it and then continue once ensuring all is safe to proceed.
  7. You should now be in VR. 
  8. To quit VR press the View button on the controller.

Once you have quit VR then you will need to re-start VRGS in order to re-enter VR. This is a known bug and will be fixed at some stage.....