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Default option for the split button is "view from above". You can view the model from other pre-set orientations by using the lower half of the split button.

Reset to North : Turn in the model to look North without changing the position.

FPV/Cam View : Rotation occurs at the camera position (as opposed to moving the model) which gives a first person view.  

Expert Mode : Gives a greater freedom of movement in navigation.

Lock Rotation : In export mode the point rotation on the model can be locked in one place on the model, as opposed to rotating around the point you have clicked on.

Target Zoom : Click on a point on the model to zoom in on that point.

Game Controller : IF you have an XBox controller attached you can use this to navigate the model. See  Using a XBox controller for more information.

3D Space Navigator : If you have a 3Dconnexion device you can use this to navigate the model. If a device is connected this button allows you to access the devices setup options.


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