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Using an X-Box controller

You can use an X Box controller to navigate your model using the Game Controller button on the main ribbon bar. 

Note on some controllers you may need to set them to X-Input mode, usually a button on the back of the controller.

At the moment using the controller switches off all other interaction, so VRGS will not respond to any input other than from the controller. This behavior will change in a future version.

The controls for navigation are the same as a Mode 2 radio control for a Drone or UAV.


Left Stick : Stick Forward/Back = move Up/Down (throttle). Stick Left/Right = turn left or right (yaw).

Right Stick : Stick Forward/Back = move/translate Forward/Backward and Stick Left/Right = move/translate Left/Right.

View button : quit x-box mode and return to normal operation.

When using the controller movement occurs from the point of view of the camera. Imagine you are sitting on a drone.