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VRGS will not start on a laptop

If VRGS does not start on a laptop which has both on-board and a separate high performance graphics card then it is likely VRGS is being started on the on-board card. This probably does not have the required performance to run VRGS.

To correct this

  • Right click on the VRGS icon on the desktop.
  • Select the "run with graphics processor" option the select "high performance nvidia processor" or similar option.

VRGS should now run correctly.

If your high-performance card is an NVIDIA then you can create a profile in the NVIDIA control panel.

  • Right click on the desktop and select "NVIDIA control panel"
  • In the control panel select "Manage 3D settings" from the left hand task tree control.
  • You should now see a "Global Settings" and "Program Settings" tab in the "Manage 3D Settings" window.
  • if VRGS.exe is not in the list of programs under the "1. Select a program to customise" list then click the "Add" button and navigate to where VRGS is installed (Currently C:\Program Files\VRGeoscience\VRGS2017 Beta\vrgs.exe)  and select the vrgs.exe executable.
  • In the "2: Specify the settings for this program" box now find the "Preferred graphics processor" option and ensure this is set to "high-performance NVIDIA processor".