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Starting a new project in VRGS

Starting a new project in VRGS 

 Select the VRGS main menu (VRGS globe in the top left corner), and then select “New”.  Simply navigate to where you wish to save the model and give the project an appropriate file name.

VRGS projects are saved with an extension of “.vgp”. In addition to the “.vgp” file there is also an associated folder with the same name as the vgp file but with “data” appended.

For example if your project is called “MyProject.vgp” the associated data folder will be “MyProject Data”. In order to backup or transfer your project you need to tack both the vgp file and the data folder.

The “.vgp” file contains you interpretations and setup details, and the Data folder stores large data items such as point clouds, meshes  and images.