Incorrect colour after importing data

Some frequently asked questions - and their answers.

1) When I import from an ASCII data source my colours are not scaled correctly/look like they are a negative.

Colour in VRGS is defined by default in the Red, Green and Blue attributes of the point cloud or mesh you are using. RGB colour values are usually defined as being between 0.0 - 1.0, or 0 to 255. VRGS expects 0.0-1.0 be default. You can re-scale colour data upon import from the data import dialog (left).0

Check the Color/Intensity Range box, and type the maximum value of your colour data (eg. 255 for a 0-255 range) and VRGS will re-scale the imported data to 0-1. If you have already imported your data you can update the attribute properies (right) to re-scale the colour data correctly. 
Go into the properties for each of the RGB colour channels (click on the "Red" attribute and look in properties windows for example) You will see a check box "fixed range" this should already be selected.  Below that are 2 parameters "Range Minimum"   and "Range Maximum" - Change "Range Maximum" to be 255 for each of the colour channels.

Then save!