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The Data Tree

All project data is found in the Project Data Tree panel in the project explorer.

The data tab contains data items for the project. 

Data is kept separate from interpretations in VRGS.

Data currently falls into these groups:


  •  Point Clouds: These are points with x,y,z and attribute values which typically define an outcrop model, though VRGS has been used for many other kinds of point cloud.
  •  Scan Positions: The location of a laser scanner used to collect a point cloud.
  •  Photographs: Digital photographs with position and orientation information.
  •  Satellite imagery: Digital images from satellite or other sources. Needs to be an ortho-corrected and georeferenced image.
  •  Triangular Meshes: A surface constructed from a series of linked triangles. This is the main working group of VRGS. Most of your data is likely to be in here.
  •  Waypoints: a reference point or landmark. Has multiple uses in other VRGS processes such as georeferencing.
  •  Multimedia: Links to other media formats such as photographs, videos and PDF’s. Will launch into an appropriate external browser.
  •  Slides: These are images which can be displayed like billboards within your model. Ideal for presenting information in VR or virtual fieldtrips.
  •  GIS Layers: VRGS has limited support for reading shape files. Support is being extended as it is needed. If your shape file wont load send me a copy and Ill add the necessary options.
  •  Scale Bars: Scale in the 3D view to give your models some scale context.