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Faults and polylines

Faults and polylines share the same digitising modes, and behave in the same way.

In this section I will describe the polyline digitizing and editing facilities, the faults however work in exactly the same way.   Again we have a split button with the top half providing default functionality and the lower part giving extended options. The default option is “New Polyline” which allows you to create a new polyline.

New Polyline: Points are digitised by individual clicks on the model, or by holding down the left mouse button and dragging to continually digitise. Double click ends digitising, and holding shift while in digitising mode allows you to move the model around without digitising more points.  You may find the “drag” digitising approach gives you too many points, these can be decimated using some of the polyline tools, but to impose a minimum spacing for points select the polylines group in the interpretation menu and set the minimum digitizer spacing to the minimum distance you want the points to be digitised. An horizon name may be added to the polyline, to do this select the active horizon from the drop down list at the top of the interpretations tab. Additional horizons can be added through the “picks” group in the collections tab.

Split Line: Select the line in the 3D view by clicking on it and again should now see the individual vertices displayed as spheres. “Split Line” will now be active. Now select the vertex at which you want the polyline split, and the polyline will be split in two and the new polylines will appear in the interpretation tab.

Join Lines: Select 2 polylines to join by selecting one polyline, then select a second one by holding down the control key while selecting in the 3D view. When 2 lines are selected the Join Lines option become active. The 2 line segments now become one polyline.

Add Node: Select the polyline you wish to edit, then select 2 adjacent vertices by selecting them while holding down . When 2 adjacent vertices are selected then the “Add Node” menu item become available. Select this menu item then click the model where you want the new point added. The polyline will be updated with a new vertex at that point, added between the selected vertices.