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Measuring Orientations

Dip Azimuth (planes): This tool has 3 modes, Bedding, Fracture and Cleavage.

Firstly select if you want to map bedding, fractures or cleavage. Subsequent measurements will be classified by this mapping model, and will be placed in the appropriate part of The Project Interpretations Tree.  

The dip azimuth button is a split button, selecting the top part of the button selects the default digitizing method of selecting three points on the model from which an orientation is then calculated.



The lower part of the split button gives extended modes of operation.

  1. N-Points mode allows more than 3 points to be digitized, when enough points have been digitized then a double click will end digitizing. During digitizing you can draw the points by holding down the mouse button and dragging the mouse along.  To move the model while digitizing then hold down the key to pause digitizing points.
  2. The 1 point option allows for a measurement to be manually entered into the model, such as a measurement taken in the field.

 Fractures and Cleavage can be assigned to sets, to define which set you are digitising into select the active set from the drop down list at the top of the interpretations tab.

 Additional sets can be added through the “sets” group in the collections tab (see The Project Collections Tree).