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VRGeosciece Limited

Orthopanels and orthographic projections can be used to give you dip corrected 2D views of inclined strata, or help you project geobodies along palaeoflow to get a better understanding of true width/thickness relationships.

Attribute generation & analysis are important when working with digital outcrops. Attributes can be used to highlight features for #interpretation (bedding planes, fractures and breaks of slope for example) and facilitate filtering of #data.

As geoscientists our field time is precious, we do what we can to make that time as useful and productive as possible. One way of enhancing field time is to use digital, or virtual, outcrop data.
Real-world field trips become a better learning experience with the additional use of digital outcrops.

Some tips for collecting better digital outcrop models using SFM.

There are many good resources out there on creating SFM (Structure From Motion) models, but here are a few tips based on common errors I have seen over the past few years. Though far from an exhaustive list it will be enough to ensure you get good results.





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