When you save your project a backup is made and stored inside the data folder in a folder called VRP_BACKUP. In this folder copies of your earlier project versions with the date and time stamps, as well project backups from version upgrades.  To re-instate an earlier project follow these steps:

  1. Rename your current “.vgp” file. For example, if your file is called “MyProject.vgp” rename it to “MyProject_Old.vgp”.
  2. Navigate into the MyProject Data\VGP_BACKUP folder and find the project file you wish to re-instate (This will have a name like “MyProject.BACKUP_050916_132214” which is the date and time stamp).
  3. Copy this file into the same folder as the original “.vgp” file and rename it to whatever your project is called (MyProject.vgp in this case)
  4. Starts VRGS and open the .vgp file.

Please take care when using this project recovery approach. Always back up your data first or if in doubt contact VRGS support.