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VRGeosciece Limited

Structure and Sedimentology

VRGS has a wide range of interpretations and annotation tools that make working with either structural or sedimentological data easy.

  • Use orientation measurements to map measure the dip and azimuth of faults, fractures or beds.
  • Use polylines to map bedding planes, and geopolygons to delimit geobodies or other areas of interest.
  • Add measurements and scale bars to give a sense of scale.
  • Insert waypoints to act as markers, or use multimedia objects to attached external data such as movies or images.
  • Attached palaeocurrents to geobodies to get corrected dimensions.
  • Use the sedimentary logging tool to create logs and correlate them in the integrated log panels.
  • Work with orthographic projects to get a dip-corrected perspective of your model.


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